Junior Ninja Warrior

Since we’re running low on media space I’ve put all of the photos from Junior Ninja Warrior on the Shutterfly share site.

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Thanks for trekking out in the snow! The WHOLE troop was there and we all had a LOT of fun!

Target & Sabor a Cafe (Colombian food)

The girls are donating: 15 water bottles, 8 black sharpie markers, 20 dry erase markers, 40 broad markers, 20 thin markers, 14 spiral notebooks, 9 composition notebooks, 12 erasers, 160 pencils, 50 eraser tips, and 98 pens for a total of $242. Their goal was $250, so a few more items will be added before we give it to Ashley at our next meeting on June 13th.IMG_20160602_221642IMG_20160601_180306IMG_20160601_180315IMG_20160601_183141IMG_20160601_192941IMG_20160601_193005IMG_20160601_193023IMG_20160601_193034IMG_20160601_195844IMG_20160601_195851IMG_20160601_195856IMG_20160601_195905IMG_20160601_195911


The girls chose GirlForward! as the beneficiary of their service project this year. It is a local non-profit that helps refugee teen girls settle into their new life in Chicago. Ashley came to our meeting to talk with the girls about what life is like as a refugee and encouraged them to be involved in their community and to think globally. She was very engaging and the girls both learned a lot and had a lot of fun that we topped off with a trip to George’s for ice cream!

World Thinking Day 2016

I am constantly astounded by these girls that we have the honor of watching grow older, wiser, and stronger. While most of us were gathered together at the World Thinking Day event, someone was off at a chess championship (having recently been named among the top 100 female chess players in her age group in the COUNTRY… come on, let’s brag!), someone was dancing her heart out at a weekend full of dance competitions, and someone else was touring the lush Irish countryside. Each of the girls in this troop brings something completely unique to the group and it is truly incredible to see them in action.